Collaborative BI: Harnessing the Extended Enterprise by Boosting Productivity

Aberdeen eBook: Collaborative BI: Harnessing the Extended Enterprise by Boosting Productivity

The quality of a business decision rests upon two key factors - information, and context. In order to satisfy the first half of that equation and capture, assemble, and deliver actionable information to the right people, companies are increasingly turning to Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

However, the challenge for many organizations is the second piece of the puzzle - providing the context and the expertise needed to take timely information and transform it into meaningful business insight. Increasingly, top companies are tapping into the brainpower that resides not only within their organization, but in various elements of their "extended enterprise," such as customers, suppliers, and distribution partners in order to wrap the right context around their information and support better decisions.

Download this Aberdeen eBook to learn how Aberdeen explores the connection between collaborative knowledge sharing and analytical activity. The eBook will discuss how Best-in-Class companies are creating a more pervasive and self-service analytical environment both internally and externally in order to build greater extended enterprise visibility and drive substantial business performance gains as a result.

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