To Bid Or Not To Bid:
Predicting Project Profitability

Find out how project-based manufacturers can answer this challenge
with confidence

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If your company operates in a project-intensive manufacturing industry such as heavy equipment, machine tools, metal fabrication, or industrial equipment, you face a host of diverse challenges that can affect your performance and profitability. You must continually manage the complexities of engineer-to-order or build-to-order production modes while delivering projects on time and under budget.

To ensure profitability, you need optimum visibility and control over every project to prevent them from exceeding budget or falling behind schedule. This white paper outlines the best practices and enterprise-level applications that can help you achieve that goal.

Find out how and why best-in-class companies are:

  • Enhancing project visibility to control cost, scope and schedules
  • Optimizing project control to better manage change and set customer expectations

Use this white paper as a guide to identify where your company may need to improve visibility and control-and which processes and technology can help you improve profitability, keep customers happy, and win future business.

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