White paper - IDC: Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence in Metal Fabrication Industries

Feeling the heat? The challenges facing the Metal Fabrication Industry

IDC recently published global research from a survey of over 700 manufacturers across 8 countries and four key industry verticals: Automotive Industries, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Metal Fabrication Industries and High-Tech Industries.

This white paper provides Metal Fabrication Industries with IDC Manufacturing Insights’ essential guidance and a “call to action” to achieve success in the current business environment.

Whitepaper topics:

  • What are the key strategies, initiatives and challenges for manufacturers in the next years?
  • What role does IT infrastructure play in facilitating better decision-making, profitability, customer fulfillment and efficiency of manufacturing operations?
  • Recommendations for:
    • Decreasing operational costs
    • Demand planning
    • New product design and introduction

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